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The Business Support Toolbox is a comprehensive "one-stop-shop" online water resources data portal with direct links to valuable data, state of the art models and tools for utilization in information sharing and collaboration for the water resources community in the U.S. and internationally.

The water challenges facing the nation are compelling and the needs are great and managing water resources as a collaborative endeavor is crucial to effectively address these challenges and water needs. This website serves as a leading-edge resource for information sharing, best management practices, collaboration and more for the water resources community. Your participation is welcome and encouraged. Learn more about what the business support toolbox website offers, below.

We often think of water as a commodity, not unlike other public utilities. And this is evident in the way we talk about it and frame it as such. But water is more than simply an element of life; it's also one of our largest natural resources, and - despite some temporary shortages or issues with infrastructure - we can't live without it entirely. So what does this mean for us? For businesses that rely on water, for example?

The duration and severity of droughts and floods will affect not just how much profit a company makes but whether they're able to stay in business at all. If you operate a business relying on water to function - no matter how large or small your company may be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right name for your business can be a difficult task. That's why we put together this list of resources to help you find the perfect fit.

Chat with some successful entrepreneurs and ask for their opinion on your ideas and what they think an appropriate name is for your new business. See if there are any domains available similar to what you're thinking about using as a business name, or one that has similar meaning to it that you like even more than yours, but hasn't been taken yet.

Here is a list with tools to use to find the right business name

Trademarking your business name is the best way to prevent other companies from stealing it.

If you're in a place where your current business already has competitors who are using similar names, then it's important for you to register your trademark in order to protect the value of what you've created. You should know that there are several options available when it comes to registering trademarks, ranging from obtaining an international trademark through WIPO down to registering your trademark with one office in one country. It's well worth exploring all of these before you make any decisions based on what sounds easiest for you because not all avenues will be open depending on the nature of goods or services that are being sold by both companies.

Brands that have a corporate identity are better able to develop a strong emotional connection with their communities. Your business will survive and thrive because you've given your company a personality, something to work for, and something people can want to be connected with or represent.

Here are few resources for you to better understand business branding:

The most important aspect of a business is branding. Choosing a strong and memorable logo, color palette, and slogan will not only create an identity for the company but also establish customer loyalty. Furthermore, incorporating these 3 components in print materials such as business cards and websites will ensure customers know what to expect from the brand.

You need marketing for your business because you cannot reach potential customers through advertising.

Marketing enables you to approach your target audience--the people who would be interested in what you have to offer--with something of value. It's also an extremely cost-effective way of reaching them by delivering the right message at the right time. Marketing solutions are changing rapidly, but it remains true that brands must consistently engage their audiences with relevant information in order to successfully grow their businesses. A masterful marketing campaign can engage audiences today and alert them about innovations tomorrow, whether they're customers, prospects, distributors or clients.

As a small business owner looking for new ways to improve your team's efficiency and achieve institutional recognition with potential customers/clients

Of course! That is what we do! We help new entrepreneurs to succeed in the business world!


There are a number of websites you can use to find ideas for your business, including Startup Weekend and the Ideas Happy Hour.

The Idea Network is a website that aggregates popular ideas from a variety of sources including Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Huffington Post and more. You can also sign up for their emails to be notified about latest ideas that have been searched on Google or visited by people within The Idea Network.

You could always brainstorm with friends or family members to see what idea they might recommend!


There are three main phases in your business's structure to keep in mind before you take the leap. They are pre-start, start up and operational. Pre-start is planning out all of your business data, figure out what it takes to open a store front or website, and the legal steps you need to do so. Start-Up phase includes brainstorming possible profit margins for various goods/services at different price points as well as gathering feedback from other professionals on what they charge for their services/goods. The Operational Phase is characterized by making important decisions about everything from managing costs, ordering merchandise to financing your company's growth.


You can make it all up to you by working hard and taking responsibility for every decision.

If you look at successful people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg then each of them shares the trait that they don't blame someone else for their own shortcomings. It's true we're not all smart or successful enough but we should at least try and do what is possible, don't expect it out of thin air which will diminish your morale. This essay sums it up best: "Successful people never blame the world for how rich - or broke - they are."

Whether you want to be a billionaire or just be financially stable in life there has never been a better time than now with such opportunities

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